Concealed Truths And Facts About Body Building

In body building activity there are a lot of things to learn and understand. The onlookers only know about how the body builders exercise and they think that it is this alone that is making them show off their monstrously grown muscles and body. But in reality there are a lot of things that happen in a body builder`s life; actually he is put under a strict regime which stays hidden and masked. These are not just for the readers but also for those who are aspiring to become body builders and for those who are already. Let`s dig the grave and get to know the truth and reality.

    • Body building is all about strengthening your muscles and body. If it`s your body weight, you can measure it by standing on a weighing machine but how would you weigh or measure your muscles size? Now for this you need to progressively increase the lifting weight. This will enlighten you on how much stronger your muscles are. Put them under stress and see how much and how long they can hold. This will elicit results and you can easily measure your muscle`s strength.
    • Protein is a very important and essential nutrient for a human body and for body builders it is all the more important. This is rated second in the essentials list after intense exercising. Some of the protein rich food items are eggs, milk, meat etc and out of this egg is believed to be having the highest protein biological value for the human body. So if your aim is body building, do not forget to include a protein rich food in your palette everyday for lack of this might also stunt your muscle`s growth. Another important thing is to consume them at the right timings.
    • When you exercise heavily your body and mind are put under tremendous pressure. How would you calm them down? With a proper long sleep. Yes, just like your cautious plate on table, your head on bed for atleast 7 hours is essential. This is important for the growth and manufacture of growth hormones which is very important for the muscle growth. Added to this is that the person will have a fresh and relaxed mind and body ready for the next day`s sessions. Find more info on
    • It is not just the body that helps in body building but also your mind and the thoughts running in that. You might want to practice body building but you will be able to do it only when your mind is ready for the stress it is going to be put under. It is this that tells and orders the body to undergo practice sessions. So be always positive for even your thought process will help in boosting the body building goals. So always be positive and think positive, never let space for negative thoughts in your mind.
    • This point is very much related to the above point - managing stress. There are plenty of reasons for stress and the first outcome of this is looking at everything in life from a negative angle. This is what was explained in the above point. So a body builder, before building his body and muscles should first learn to fight stress for this will pressurize his workout sessions. This fighting back of stress is very important for all in all fields for it is a universal bacterium that can attack anybody.


    This point is probably about the possible outcome of a stressed mind and body. If you are stressed you tend to fall back on alcohol and smoking which in reality has no connection with breaking the stress. It is a very common practice followed by people and it has become a habit for people to hit the bar doors if they are stressed. Understand that smoking and alcohol will have a bad impact on your body especially when you are under the strict body building regime.
    Also with the anxiety of seeing your body and muscles grow in size faster, do not over load or over train your muscles for this would damage them instead of aiding them in their growth phase. Anything that exceeds the limit is dangerous and so is over training. So limit your workouts and give the body just what it requires.